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Need a Plastic Welding tool?

Plastic Welding Kits are the best way to get started in Plastic Welding. Chose from a wide range of Plastic Welding Kits to suit your specific application. All tools designed & developed in Switzerland. Simply select your industry sector and select the kit that suits your needs. Save time, buy online.

Need an Extruder Welder?

Extruder Welders or Extrusion Welders, are available in a wide range of outputs. Ideal for structural plastic welding of large wall section materials, including HDPE Pipes, water tank fabrication & repair, and for pond and landfill liner fabrication.

Need to Weld Flexible Membranes?

Automatic Plastic Welding tools and Accessories. Overlap Welders and Wedge Welders for all your Industrial Fabric Welding requirements. For welding of Tarpaulins, Covers, Shade Sails, Waterproof Membranes, Pond Liners, Landfil sites and more..